Vancouver Real Estate Services

About Me

Every client’s needs are unique and I respect them as such.  Whether you’re looking for a home or an investment property, or if it’s time to sell what you already own, I am committed to helping you fulfill whatever fits your budget and lifestyle.  I don’t just sell real estate to and for other people; I actively invest in it myself.  I have bought and sold several different properties personally, both within and outside of Vancouver.  The experience of being on both sides of a real estate transaction allows me to better serve my clients.  

Before I became a real estate professional, I was Senior Vice President of Artist Management at Nettwerk Music Group.  During my 14 years at Nettwerk, I managed Avril Lavigne, and also worked alongside artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Dido and Coldplay.  Strong negotiation and organizational skills were crucial back then, and continue to serve my clients well today. 

Integrity, patience, and honest communication are essential elements to every client relationship.  I believe in educating my clients and empowering them with everything necessary to make an informed decision.  You won’t find me endorsing a client’s decision unless I believe it is the very best move for them.  I’m motivated to understand my clients’ needs, not to make an easy commission.

My goal is to exceed the expectations of every person who uses my services, so much that they not only become lifetime clients, but that they also feel comfortable recommending me to anyone they know. 

My previous career required me to travel extensively throughout the world.  As such, I was fortunate enough to have experienced some incredibly beautiful cities and forge wonderful, life-long friendships.  However, despite all of the incredible places I have been to, nothing has ever compared to Vancouver.  I sincerely believe we live in the most beautiful city in the world, and I couldn’t imagine calling anyplace else home.

-Shauna Gold