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Test Page & HTML crash course

placeholder profile image aI am BOLD text and I am not bold text. I am a paragraph.
With Shift+Enter we can get a new line within a paragraph.

With Enter we will get a new paragraph. The HTML code for paragraph is <p>text </p>
The code for an image is <img style="float: left; margin-right: 20px; margin-bottom: 20px;" src="" alt="placeholder profile image a" width="162" height="162" /> 
With "margin" (margin-left or margin bottom) we can create space around the image, so the text won't be too close to the image. With "float: left;" we tell the image to be on the left hand side and the following content will float around it (to the right). 

To create a link, simply highlight some text and click on the chain icon on top. For links that link to outside recources, make sure the target is set to "Open in new Window".

We want to upload a PDF intercom on customer engagement 2nd edition

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